Legal Content Writing & content management for lawyers

Legal Content Writing and Content Management for Lawyers

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Legal Content Writing & content management for lawyers

Discover expert legal content writing and content marketing services tailored for solicitors in the UK. Enhance your law firm’s online presence with professional, SEO-optimised content that attracts and engages potential clients, drives traffic, and elevates your legal practice. Get started today!

social media management for the legal profession
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Successful-sites Legal Marketing Our Specialisation

Successful-sites Legal Marketing legal marketing on social Media

Our Specialisation

We produce and craft high-quality legal web content tailored for law firms. Enhance your website’s ranking and attract more visitors each month by improving your content! Quality content will help your firm drive more relevant traffic to your site and practice. If you already have a strong design, let us assist you with your content, ensuring your audience receives the information they need to select you as their top choice.

Services Provided:

– Website & Mobile Design
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Law Firm PPC Advertising
– Social Media & Video Marketing
– Conversion Rate Optimisation
– Analytics & Reporting

Commitment to legal marketing on social Media and content management for lawyers

Creating high-quality content that generates new business and that your firm can proudly display on its website demands time, attention, and research. At Successful-sites Legal Marketing, we dedicate ourselves to publishing legally accurate and factual content. Our  content management for lawyers assures that legal content writing process is geared towards producing accurate materials reflecting current state and federal laws. We continuously refine our processes to deliver the finest content marketing for law firms.


All blog posts and website content are customised to align with your practice area, target market, and business objectives. As part of our SEO programs, all produced content is meticulously researched to ensure maximum value. Successful-sites Legal Marketing only produces content designed to either generate new leads and potential clients for your practice or bolster your website’s presence and authority in search engines.

Quality Over Quantity

Many agencies providing copywriting services for solicitors or even SEO programs often rely on monthly or quarterly quotas for content production as a primary deliverable. The issue is that relying on these quotas as the key metric of value can be misleading in a well-executed programme and counterproductive to your goals.

SEO and content marketing for solicitors require a targeted and customised approach tailored to the specific law firm and the needs of the marketing campaign as a whole. This approach involves more activities than merely legal content writing. It includes:

– Producing content for legal marketing on social Media
– Promoting content
– Building links
– Optimising conversions
– Optimising site structure
– Managing and maintaining off-site signals

At Successful-sites Legal Marketing, our approach differs. While we produce substantial unique, in-depth content for your law firm, instead of delivering 3-4 articles monthly (for instance), we might deliver 40-50 articles over six months. This approach offers several advantages, including quicker rankings. Instead of Google indexing and ranking 20-25 pages over six months, it will index twice that amount. The latter six months can then be devoted to promoting that content, building links, identifying opportunities, and enhancing your site.

What Is Content Marketing for Solicitors?

Content marketing for solicitors involves promoting a law firm's services by marketing long-form content.

Our content management for lawyers includes writing legal content and promoting it through various channels such as organic search, email, and social media.

In simple terms, content marketing for a law firm involves creating valuable content for a target audience, which often comprises the prospective clients for the firm’s most desired cases. The objective is to provide answers and information to potential clients, thereby increasing traffic to the firm’s website and ultimately converting visitors into leads and leads into cases.

When executed correctly, with diligence and utmost care, legal content marketing is a win-win for all involved. Potential clients benefit from researching their legal issues and finding valuable information. Law firms benefit by attracting potential clients to their websites, converting them into new consultations and signed cases.

Content marketing encompasses various formats and types of media, including:

– Website content
– Legal blog posts and articles
– Social media post content
– Videos (for social media, YouTube, webinars, live streams, and clips)
– Email marketing campaigns, drip sequences, and newsletters
– Graphics and infographics
– Search engine optimised pages
– Gated content and lead magnets
– Review and testimonial marketing materials
– Podcasting
– Physical newsletters


Each medium and format serves a distinct purpose with unique goals, strategies, and tactics. Social media platforms do not function the same way as search engines, nor should they. Developing a content marketing strategy with a unified set of goals requires selecting the right combination of channels that work together to achieve your firm’s objectives within the specified timeframe and budget.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Solicitors

Various marketing forms can attract new clients. Many solicitors and law firms may not fully appreciate the advantages and potential value of a content marketing strategy. Here are a few significant benefits:

Increase the number of leads and cases: The main goal of any law firm’s marketing effort is to secure more cases and clients. A sound content marketing strategy is no different. Our strategies are tailored to your firm’s goals, business model, primary practice areas, and the unique challenges presented by your target market and competition. Although it usually takes time to generate results, our content marketing programmes are highly effective in producing a consistent stream of new leads, clients, and cases.

Build brand awareness: Growing your law firm’s brand presence is a crucial part of marketing. Building a brand in the minds of its primary market takes considerable time. Every law firm’s marketing campaign designed to generate short-term clients should also contribute to gradually building brand awareness for the long term. A well-developed content marketing strategy can achieve both short-term client acquisition objectives and long-term brand promotion.

Improve Google rankings and website traffic with legal marketing on social Media: At the core of Successful-sites Legal Marketing’s content marketing programmes is SEO and web content. Our programmes enhance your Google rankings and increase visibility, web presence, and authority from day one. Over time, these results compound each quarter and year. If your firm aims to dominate the first page of search results for valuable keywords, our content marketing programmes achieve that consistently.

Reduced cost-per-lead and cost-per-case: There are various ways solicitors can generate clients and cases. Some methods yield faster results, sometimes within a week. However, these quick methods often come at a premium. While quick results might be desirable initially, they can erode valuable margins. Content marketing for law firms takes time to gain momentum. However, once built, results compound over time with a fixed budget. Imagine achieving an 80% increase in leads year over year without increasing marketing expenditure. That’s the power of our content marketing programmes for solicitors.

Does Content Marketing Work for Solicitors?

Content marketing works effectively for solicitors when using the right channels and mediums, generating more clients than nearly any other marketing effort at a higher Return on Marketing Spend (ROMS) and lower cost-per-case.

Law firms that engage Successful-sites Legal Marketing to develop, manage, and execute their content marketing strategies have seen exceptional results, such as:

– A 150% increase in leads for a small criminal defence firm within 12 months.
– A personal injury and family law firm, previously reliant on Yellow Pages, TV, and referrals, now generates 50% of cases through its website. Inquiries and phone calls have increased by 419%, prompting the firm to hire additional staff, solicitors, and clerks.
– A 47% increase in case consultations and signups for a bankruptcy law firm within four months.
– A 974% increase in site traffic within six months.
– Building a website from scratch to 5,000 daily visitors, from 0 to DA 44 with over 3,300 referring domains in 30 months.
– A 1,440% increase in site traffic for a criminal defence law firm within one year by building authority, publishing high-quality content, and pruning low-quality pages.
– A 710% increase in traffic and over 300% lead growth within 12 months.

Our Commitment to Quality Content

Successful-sites Legal Marketing is dedicated to producing high-quality content for legal marketing on social Media

 We hold our writers and partners to stringent standards regarding quality, legal, and factual accuracy. While you can hire other content writing companies, we invite you to see the difference we make:

Explore our legal content writing and quality assurance process below:

– Difference Between Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages
– Stalking Laws in Florida
– Bankruptcy & Student Debt in SC

If you prioritise the quality and legal accuracy of your content across your website and social media, we should talk. Every piece of content undergoes multiple internal reviews before final approval and publication.

Our Content Writing Process

One of our key differentiators is our content production process. Here are the steps in our legal content writing system:

– Identify & analyse your client’s legal needs: Understanding your clients’ experiences and questions when seeking legal assistance is crucial because no two solicitors have identical practices, business models, or desired outcomes.
– Research and select topics: With your clients’ key legal interests identified, we conduct keyword research to build a database of search terms your prospective clients use online.
– Establish a solid content foundation: Blogs, articles, and guides form the backbone of our content marketing programmes. Our objective is to develop a robust base of content on your website that drives organic search traffic and generates leads and clients.
– Continuously build and improve the content foundation: Consistent blogging is vital. We continually analyse and improve the legal content we produce to ensure performance meets expectations. Underperforming content is refined to achieve page 1 rankings.


Get a Custom Strategy

Looking for Legal Content Writing or a Robust Content Marketing Strategy?

If your law firm is considering content marketing to deliver scalable and predictable growth, we should talk. At Successful-sites Legal Marketing, we develop and manage online marketing strategies for law firms of various sizes. We’ve scaled websites from scratch to over 150,000 monthly visitors, helped law firms generate more leads and cases (achieving 2-4x results within 12 months), and manage websites attracting millions of users annually. We know what works and what doesn’t and the types of law firms and practice areas that benefit from a content marketing strategy.

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Results We Deliver for Our Clients

– More Phone Calls + Leads: Your solicitor website will be optimised to increase conversions, leading to more opened files. Track your conversions every step of the way to see your website’s performance.
– Complete Tracking + Reporting: Whether seeking to market your website immediately or planning for the future, Successful-sites ensures your firm’s website has essential analytics tools from day one.
– Modern + Reliable: Built with WordPress, your website will operate on the most trusted and popular CMS platform, offering flexibility and portability.

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FAQs about Content Marketing for the UK Legal Profession

Successful-sites Legal Marketing is dedicated to producing high-quality content.

How often should I blog?

At least once per month. Leading law firm websites that rank highly blog at least monthly, often more frequently for legal marketing on social Media. However, the value and depth of content are more important than frequency. Some topics may require 800 words, while others may need 2,500. Content should be sized appropriately to the topic, not to a monthly quota.

What makes good legal content?

Legal content must engage readers and inform them about legal matters. Providing definitive answers can be challenging without offering advice for specific circumstances. Therefore, content should address common cases and applications, providing clear, informative, and valuable insights.

How does content marketing help my firm drive new leads?

Content marketing offers numerous opportunities, including ranking organically in search results, sharing on social media, distributing PDFs for lead emails, email marketing, and newsletters. The best strategy for your firm depends on various factors, but plenty of options are focused on driving more leads and new business.

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